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Encouraging Employee Loyalty and Good Conduct

 Many Employers find that Employees will leave them if there is a misunderstanding, miscommunication and / or if an Employee is offered a marginally higher wage and / or salary elsewhere.  This comes, more often than not, at an inconvenient time for an Employer.

Deadline for New Employment Equity Plans and Reports

Special mention must be made that the deadline for submitting Employment Equity Reports is 15 January 2015. However, due to the amended legislation in this regard, all employers must also submit new Employment Equity Plans prior to submitting their reports. 

The Chairperson’s Role at a Disciplinary Enquiry

There comes a time in every organisation when it is necessary to hold a disciplinary enquiry. It is important to note that the Chairperson at a disciplinary enquiry needs to be someone who is more senior than or at least equal in seniority to the accused. As far as possible, he/she should be someone who […]

What To Do About Incapacity Or Ill Health Of An Employee

Some of our best employees have been with us for many years. They worked closely with us whilst we built our businesses. What happens when one of those valuable employees develops chronic ill health due to age or circumstances?

Fixed Term & Fixed Purpose Employment Contracts

A Fixed Term Employment Contract has a very specific time period, which dates are known to the employee. This contract is necessary when an employer wishes to employ someone for a specific time period only (for example where an employer needs to employ a temporary employee whilst an employee is on maternity leave or off […]