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The Chairperson’s Role at a Disciplinary Enquiry

There comes a time in every organisation when it is necessary to hold a disciplinary enquiry. It is important to note that the Chairperson at a disciplinary enquiry needs to be someone who is more senior than or at least equal in seniority to the accused. As far as possible, he/she should be someone who […]

Fixed Term & Fixed Purpose Employment Contracts

A Fixed Term Employment Contract has a very specific time period, which dates are known to the employee. This contract is necessary when an employer wishes to employ someone for a specific time period only (for example where an employer needs to employ a temporary employee whilst an employee is on maternity leave or off […]

The employer’s right to query sick notes

The question about medical certificates arises often . Employers believe that if an employee produces a medical certificate as justification for a period of absence, they must pay the employee.

Annual leave for Domestic Workers

Sectoral Determination 7 applies to all domestic workers (except those working on farms) and requires that Domestic workers get a minimum of 21 days leave per year. This is inclusive of weekends.

The Law can help with labour costs

Want to avoid having to retrench workers as a result of dramatically increased labour wages and costs associated with conditions of employment? Attorney Rob McCarthy, gives some cost-saving options and advice in this article which appeared in the Farmers Weekly on 15 March 2013.