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Alcoholism and The Workplace

Dealing with an employee who is drunk on duty once or twice is a problem (see our previous post in this regard). Dealing with an employee who battles with alcoholism is frustrating and can destroy the employment relationship.


Strikes can cause havoc in the work place and strain the relationship between employers and employees. Sometimes they are legal and the outcome of not reaching consensus on a dispute. Sometimes they are illegal and the result of impatience on the part of the employees. But all too often, strikes can become emotional for both parties. 

Negligence as a Disciplinary Issue

Negligence is defined as the failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances; or the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern (Farlex, Princeton University). According to Oxford Dictionary, it is the “failure to take proper care over something.” Negligence in an employee is frustrating at best […]

Retrenchments Are Now More Difficult For Employers

Many factors can give rise to retrenchments, among them a drop in sales due to economic factors, requiring fewer employees due to new labour saving technology, deciding to outsource labour to save costs, or rationalisation of employees resulting from mergers or buy outs. Previously, the courts were quite lenient towards employers with regards to retrenchments.

Legal Representation NOW ALLOWED at CCMA

The High Court in Pretoria has declared a CCMA rule barring legal representation for employees during arbitration as unconstitutional, the Law Society of SA said on Wednesday, 17 October 2012. Rule 25(1)(c) allowed legal representation in all arbitration’s except where they concerned dismissals for misconduct or incapacity. Such an employee was not allowed legal representation […]