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When customers do not pay on time it seriously affects the cash flow of a business. Accordingly, when cash flow has been affected, it is difficult to rationalise paying a law firm to assist with the collection of the debt. This is a typical business Catch 22 situation. 

Using a law firm that will collect your debt on contingency in the answer to this problem. If the money is not collected, no legal fees are payable for the service (except for disbursements such as travel, telephone calls, faxes, postage, photocopying, Counsel’s fees, sheriff’s fees and the like). In other words, McCarthy & Associates is collecting debts on behalf of their clients for an agreed percentage of the debt. If we are not successful in collecting the debt, clients are not charged any legal fees.

If you are anxious to collect outstanding accounts, please contact Vicki or Ash at McCarthy & Associates on collections@mccarthylaw.co.za or (033) 266 6170 and they will be happy to assist you.

McCarthy & Associates offer our clients the following legal services:


In association with:  Carlos Miranda and Desmond Mayne. For further information contact us directly 

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